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Tips for Fridge Maintenance

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Now that the summer is starting, it is not time for you to do some house maintenance you have put aside during winter. Regular cleaning and maintenance can help your materials and equipment, or your whole house to be in good shape to last for several years. Cleaning is of an important task, and there are many ways to achieve this like hiring a local service such as Reno expert deep cleaning or doing it on your own. Either of the two, regular practice of house maintenance is very important.  

But how do you do it? There are many ways to clean and to keep your house in a good shape. In this article, you will know some smart tips for house cleaning and maintenance.  

1.Vacuum your ref’s condenser coils 

Cleaning the ref’s insides is rarely neglected because you get to see how clean or dirty the ref is. However, this same thing does not apply to clean the back portion of the refrigerator. So, break this chain and start cleaning your ref’s condenser coils through a vacuum. This can effectively increase the appliance’s life.  

2. Check your ref’s door seal 

An increase in the energy bill is sometimes caused by a damaged appliance, and your HVAC as well as your refrigerator are two of the most electricity-demanding appliances in the house.  

A damaged ref’s door seal can be the culprit of an increased energy bill because it is the one responsible for keeping your ref cold on the inside. When they fail, your ref becomes more inefficient in doing its function, requiring it to work harder; hence, the increased energy bills.  

Seals are sold in the market so it is easy to get a new one.  

3. Fill your ref up 

To keep the appliance cool and the temperature inside, it needs many elements inside. Cool foods can effectively absorb warm that streams and sneaks in whenever you open the ref’s door. If you have a bigger ref, but cannot put more foods in it, you can just fill it up with some bottles of water. 

4.Have the right temperature for your ref 

Keep your fridge in the temperature between 37 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit, while 0 degrees for the freezer. 

5. Do not open when there is a power outage 

If there is a power outage, keep the door closed until the energy goes back. An unopened fridge helps cool the foods inside amid energy outage. The freezer will be able to maintain its cold temperature for two days when it is full of foods, and a day when it is half-full. 


We just gave you the five essential, smart tips to maintain a good health of your fridge. Cleaning is important but proper maintenance added with proper use of your appliances such as your fridge can potentially increase its life. Follow the tips we gave you and you will surely have a functional fridge that can last for several years.  

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