Dryer Vent Maintenance and Repair Tips 

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If you don’t want to deal with expensive repairs, the regular maintenance of your clothes dryer can help you a lot. Understanding what to search for and managing preventative maintenance will keep your dryer operating for a longer period. 

Unfortunately, there are occasions where you’ll have to contact a professional to fix your dryer. Before you find yourself hiring a dryer vent cleaning in Stamford, there are a couple of maintenance and repair tips that you can follow: 

Investigate Weird Sounds 

A well-running clothes dryer is typically quiet. But, you have to contact a technician if there are any weird sounds coming from the dryer. This is especially true if you cannot determine the issue. It will be a lot better if you have it checked early on since it can be extremely expensive to purchase a new dryer.  

Examine the Outdoor Vent Cap 

Always examine the outdoor vent cap. You have to replace the plastic vent first with metal. It is crucial to examine that vent if you do not want any expensive moisture issues that can damage your home’s ceiling. You’ve got to ensure there aren’t any clogs whether the lint is dry or wet. This can be a fire threat slowly building up. 

Utilize Metal Exhaust Vents 

This tip very vital since unlike metal, vinyl and plastic materials can easily catch on fire. In extremely high temperatures, plastic can melt. If this occurs, it can certainly be an expensive dryer vent repair job. In addition to that, metal exhaust vents are a lot simpler to clean. 

Clean the Drum 

For those who don’t know, the drum is the part of the dryer where you put your clothes. Utilize a tiny amount of rubbing alcohol to get any dirty residue outside. This will avoid stains from sticking into your clothes. In addition to that this residue can be greasy and if it isn’t cleaned out, it would start a fire. You’ve got to ensure you remove any lint that falls into the drum as well. 

Clean Out the Exhaust Vent 

Every 1-2 years, every household should perform an exhaust vent cleaning. This is a basic fire prevention approach. If you do this, you can remove all of the debris from the vent. You will not have to worry about any accumulation of material in the vent that could cause a fire. This will be an expensive repair and will lead to the loss of your house if left ignored.  

Don’t Overload the Dryer 

You’ll increase your energy usage if you overload the dryer. In addition to that, it will also increase the accumulation of lint. Your clothes won’t properly dry and will have a weird smell. Obviously, you’ll have to wash your clothes again if this occurs.  

Get Rid of Lint from the Trap 

Clean the screen and get rid of the lint from the trap. It’s an excellent rule of thumb to wash the lint screen every 90 days. The air can freely flow and your clothes will dry quicker if there aren’t any lint or debris stuck.  

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